Dimostrazione Assistita per la Matematica e l'Apprendimento (DAMA)

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DAMA (Dimostrazione Assistita per la Matematica e l'Apprendimento) is a Strategic Project for Young Researchers of the University of Bologna to investigate and promote interactive theorem proving (Dimostrazione Assistita) both in mainstream mathematics (Matematica) and learning (Apprendimento).

The project has three major goals:

  • Improvement and specialization of the interactive theorem prover Matita, developed by the University of Bologna.
  • Development on top of Matita of a learning environment for students to verify the proficience in doing mathematical proofs.
  • Formalization of abstract measure theory in Matita up to the Lebesgue's Dominated Convergence Theorem.

Latest News

February 1st, 2007
Dr. Enrico Zoli joins the project.
December 18th, 2006
DAMA opens a research associate position
May 18th, 2006
Project starts

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