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The detailed project proposal (in Italian only) is made of a project description and a description of participants. We copy here only the most relevant informations.

Project organization

The project is organized around five work packages to be developed by three development groups. Each work package has a few planned deliverables, that can be either reports or prototypes. The exact number, type and subject of the deliverables could vary during the project. The two major milestones of the project are the learning environment (deliverable D3.3) and a fully formalized proof of Lebesgue's dominated convergence theorem (deliverable D2.4 and/or D2.5).

Development groups

The following table shows the composition of each development group. Each group is mostly made by young researchers (identified by an asterisk), but has also a senior researcher to provide guidance and expertise.

Leader for Members Young researchers involved
Architecture Andrea Asperti
Claudio Sacerdoti Coen*
Enrico Tassi*
Requirements and validation Lidia Maniccia*
Marco Mughetti*
Vania Sordoni
Didactical interfaces Ugo dal Lago*
Matteo Magnani*
Simone Martini
Stefano Zacchiroli

Work packages

Each work package is under the responsability of the development group identified in the following table by an asterisk. The table also show the effort in man monthes required to each group.

Work package Architecture Requirement and validation Didactical interfaces TOT.
0: Project Management 3* 0 0 3
1: Specification 2 9* 3 14
2: Formalization 3 25* 9 37
3: Didactics 14 9 25* 48
4: Matita 24* 2 12 38
TOT. 46 45 49 140

Project planning

The following diagram shows the preliminary planning of the project. The tentative deadline for a deliverables is shown in the upper right corner of the deliverable node. The diagram can be enlarged by clicking on it.

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